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Image of the artist in front of some of his works

About my work 

I carry out my work in two ways:  Mi private job, fruit of my pictorial concerns within the figurative world (expression, color, composition). I mainly use the brush and the spatula, not disdaining any other tool that helps me to obtain a greater description in the work. My custom work for individuals, companies or groups where I carry out the work that the client wishes in the appropriate technique in each case. 

I lean towards figurative themes, rather than abstraction. Probably influenced by my stage of learning where the precision of the drawing and the proportions acquire greater importance (Faces, figures, real elements...). Also interested in the disproportion within the proportion, the lack of definition of what  definido, blurring elements without the result being drastic and unaesthetic._cc781905-5cde-3b194 -136bad5cf58d_


Interested in portraiture and figuration, my work moves in expressionism

figurative with increasingly frequent touches of abstraction. They are vibrant works with great chromatic strength, defining the shapes and volumes  through the use of pure color in brushstrokes and strokes.

 My most common tools are brushes, spatulas, stencils and markers,

 although I use any tool that helps me achieve the desired effect.

 I investigate and experiment  in the search for a symbiosis and balance between figuration and abstraction, trying to make it assume greater importance in the work,

 thus leaving a door open to free interpretation, starting from elements

 figurative that serve as a guide to the viewer. 





• 2022- I Honorable Mention VII National Contest City of Torrejon - Nomination- Madrid, Spain

• 2022- First prize Figurative art 2022. Art4 competition - Portrait/character category- Spain

• 2022- “Cop de Coeur” mention for outstanding artist. Figurative art 2022. Art4 competition.




• 2023- Artedei. Eduardo Jaudenes. Work and criticism Vicente Hernàiz.

• 2022- Art4d Magazine- Vicente Hernàiz. “Recherche symbiosis et équilibre

• 2022- Art4any - Biographical review and work

• 2022- Art world- Biographical interview about profile and work

• 2021- Moncloa Cultural Center Magazine - 5th Spring Salon realistic painting

• 2020- Totenart art. - Directory . Interview with Vicen Hernàiz

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