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90 Autumn Salon 2023

Once again and for the second consecutive year they are again selecting a work of mine in this prestigious Contest, organized by the AEPE (Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors). The second most important in this country.

On this occasion it was the work titled"Street musicians"from the series "Buskers"

The inauguration will be on October 26, at the Casa de Vacas in Buen Retiro Park. Paseo Colombia, 1. Madrid and will be open to the public from October 26 to 26  November 2023.


The jury  of the 42nd Small Format Contest, organized by the AEPE (Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors), selects for its exhibition,

the Work titled 

"I feel you in it"

The work will be exhibited from September 6 to 28, 2023 in the exhibition hall of the Julio Cortázar Cultural Center.  Antonio Machado Street 20. Madrid

Encounter with Art


From May 1 to June 31, 2023

CC Tutti. Puerto Rico Street, 1. Local 19. Majadahonda. (Madrid)




From June 9 to 11  of 2023

Pons Foundation. Calle Serrano 138, 28006 Madrid

Exhibition Poster
Buskers I. First Work of the Buskers series (Street Musicians)
David. Work belonging to the series “Famous sculptures.
third work in the Buskers series. 120x100cm
thinker. Work belonging to the Famous Sculptures series. 146x114cm

19th Edition of this prestigious pioneering exhibition of independent artists in Madrid in which in the year 2000 more than 100 artists participated. The venue is at the Pons Foundation, at Calle Serrano 138, 28006 Madrid, in a wonderful 3-story Palace exclusively for said event. On Friday, June 9, the inauguration will take place in which I will participate with a series of large and small format works. The hours will be from 12:00 to 22:00.  

Encounter with Art


From May 1 to June 31, 2023

CC Tutti. Puerto Rico Street, 1. Local 19. Majadahonda. (Madrid)

Work from the series “Special Women” 100x100cm

Continuing with the exhibitions at the Inmoencuentro headquarters, this time we are exhibiting at its Majadahonda location. On this occasion we will also have two months, in which there will be an opportunity to exhibit a series of works, including three works from the ¨Buskers¨ series, several works from the ¨Sculptures¨ series, and if there is time, a gallery of portraits of famous people from the world of culture, science and music and the latest Serie  ¨Feelings¨.

Encounter with Art


From January 8 to February 28, 2023

XXI Century Avenue, 18. Boadilla del Monte. (Madrid)

immoencuentro exhibition poster. Yellow Woman. 100x100cm

This exhibition will collect the latest works. Having almost two months, the exhibition will consist of two parts: the first and until the first week of February you can see the latest series of ¨Famous Sculptures¨  (6 works, most of them in great format) and some work from the new ¨Buskers¨ Series. In the second phase we will be able to enjoy a gallery of portraits of famous people from the world of culture, science, music and art, as well as some urban landscape work.


From November 28 to December 10, 2022

Work selected for exhibition in MIAMI. ¨Thinker¨ 146x114cm
view of the exhibition space with the work ¨Pensador¨

89 FALL SALON 2022

Exhibition poster of my work selected in the prestigious Autumn Salon competition.

"Thinker". Work selected for exhibition, with the option of prizes. The FALL ROOM” is  one of the most important contests at the National level and hundreds of national and international artists present themselves. It is organized by the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors (AEPE) in its 89th edition. The opening, exhibition and awards ceremony will take place in Madrid, at La Casa de Vacas in Buen Retiro Park. October 27 to November 21, 2022

VII National Contest City of Torrejon. 

Exhibition from October 21   to November 13  

“Honorable Mention” for my work URBAN LIFE.

Exhibition of the work of Vicente Hernaiz in Switzerland


  • Swiss Art Expo - ARTBOX PROJECT ZÜRICH 4.0 / SBB Zurich Hall. August 24-28 - Zurich, Switzerland

Collective Exhibition with the work ¨Summer Memories¨

 Galeria Michel Menéndez“Summer 2022”.

From August 10 to September 7. Pamplona (Spain) Collective exhibition 

Participation in an individual stand at the ARTIST 360 Fair


From February 23-27, 2022. Moda shopping. Gral. Peron 38-40. Madrid 

Participation in collective exhibition at FAIM

FAIM ART. Independent fair of madrid. 

From June 10 to 12 

Collective exhibition at the Pons Foundation. Calle serrano 138. Madrid 

Participation with selected work in the Realistic Painting Spring Salon 2020

Selected in the V Spring Salon of Realistic Painting Contest

Exhibition of selected in October-November 2020. 

Participation in the Art Rhur Fair. Germany.


November 2020

Participation in the Art3F Paris Fair. my work: Picasso, among others.


September 10, 2021

Participation in Collective Exhibition at Eka Moore Gallery

Collective exhibition at EKA MOOR ART GALLERY

4 October 2021

Group exhibition in Jerez

Collective exhibition . Maria Luisa Palace House. Jerez 

June 2020

Participation in Art Fair Paris. ¨The Tourist¨one of the works on display. 120x100cm

Collective exhibition . Contemporary Art Fair (PARIS)

Postponed due to COVID 19

Individual participation in the FESTIARTE Fair.

PARTY YOU. Contemporary art ( MARBELLA)

Individual exhibition in tents on the Marbella promenade (Malaga.  30 July - 5 August)

Participation in Art 3F Monte Carlo. Various works

Contemporary Art Fair in Montecarlo 

Group exhibition at the Art Fair in MONTECARLO (Monaco). 21-23 August

Individual Exhibition at Local in Mahadahonda

SOLO EXHIBITION “Goa Restaurant”

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