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Acrylic on canvas


The Victory of Samothrace is a sculptural work that represents the moment in which Samothrace defeated Syria in a naval battle and the goddess of Nike perched on the prow of the ship with outstretched wings.

The pictorial work captures two moments: its current situation in the Louvre through the boat-shaped pedestal that supports the figure and the background walls that surround it and, on the other hand, its situation at the time of the battle, immersed in a background of confusion full of the color of fire and nebula. The sea, in swell due to the movement of the ships, is represented in the work by means of circles and waves, as well as in the base of the figure placing the ship on the sea. I again use a light color in white, gray and blue for the figure, receiving the light on it, symbolizing the triumph of the deity in all battles.

"The victory"

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